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Classic Motorbike Insurance

Classic Motorcycle Insurance: Protecting Vintage Bikes

Fans of classic films such as THE WILD ONE and EASY RIDER are commonly enthralled with the vintage motorcycles these movies made famous. Some are so enthralled by what they saw on DVD or, for that matter, the vehicles they grew up and now may wish to purchase similar vintage motorcycles.

For those weighing their options to purchase or restore classic bikes, realize there will be a need to also acquire a reliable classic motorcycle insurance policy. An insurance policy of this nature provides the critical financial protection required for rare motorcycle such as a 1951 Benelli Letizia 98cc.

Really, after the investment you make in the purchase and restoration of the motorcycle itself, you won’t want to “re-invest’ to cover any out of pocket costs associated with theft, damage, or collision.

Classic motorcycles generally will require you to invest significant sums into the restoration of the bike. Not all of these motorcycles are in perfect condition when you acquire them. As such, you will need to buy new parts for the purpose of restoring the bike to its original pristine condition. But, what happens if damage befalls the cycle at some point before, during, or even after the restoration process? Once again, if you have the proper classic motorcycle insurance policy in place, your bike will be financially covered.

Keep in mind the cost of the insurance might not be much but the costs of restoration could be significant. Not all of the parts you require are easy to find and when you do find them you just might need to pay a rather high price. When you are making such investments in the bike you are purchasing, you want to protect your investment. You also want to ensure nothing will slow down your ability to continue restoring the motorcycle. This means you should have a solid classic motorcycle insurance policy in place which does exactly that.

One thing you do have to be mindful of when you are purchasing classic motorcycle insurance would be to match your use of the motorcycle to the type of policy you intend to purchase. Not everyone who acquires a classic motorcycle such as a 1980 Laverda Jota will take it out on the road. They might not even be interested in showing the car off at a show. Rather, they just might wish for it to remain part of personal collection.

Liability and collision insurance would not be necessary when this is the intended purpose of the motorcycle. However, you would certainly find it valuable to have the proper amount of fire and theft insurance which would help provide the right amount of financial coverage to ensure such unforeseen outcomes to undermine your ability to protect the investments you make in a classic car.

Be mindful of one fact – if you do wish to take the classic motorcycle out on the road and ride it as if it was a new bike then you will be required to have the additional coverage required such as collision. This is true even if you only have intentions of driving the motorcycle for short distances. Accidents can happen even only a short distance from the home.